Low Self Discharge NiMH Batteries

Low self discharge nickel-metal hydride batteries, also known as LSD NiMH batteries, are designed to solve the problem of self-discharge that is common in traditional rechargeable batteries. Our company is a manufacturer of NiMH batteries, and our customers have very good feedback on our LSD NiMH batteries. Today we will learn more about LSD NiMH batteries.

NiMH Batteries

What is Self Discharge of a Battery

Batteries, regardless of their type, naturally lose their charge over time, even when not in use. This phenomenon is known as self-discharge. Self-discharge is due to a number of factors, and the rate of self-discharge varies depending on the battery chemistry and its structure. Excessive self-discharge rates can affect a battery’s potential applications.

Comparison of Low Self Discharge NiMH Batteries with Other Battery Types

Traditional rechargeable batteries, such as NiCd (Nickel Cadmium) and older NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride) batteries, are known to have relatively high self-discharge rates. This means that even if you fully charge these batteries and leave them idle for a period of time, they will gradually lose their charge, leaving you with a depleted battery when you need it most.

Compared to these batteries, low self-discharge NiMH batteries have a much lower self-discharge rate. In the same environment and time, low self-discharge NiMH batteries can hold more charge, which is more economical and reassuring to use. Significant cost savings can also be realized over time.

How to Choose Low Self Discharge NiMH Batteries

When choosing the right low self-discharge NiMH batteries for your needs, you need to determine the voltage requirements, battery capacity, etc. needed for your equipment. In addition to the usual parameters, it is important to choose a good manufacturer of low self-discharge NiMH batteries.

At NBCELL, our low self-discharge NiMH batteries have an ultra-low self-discharge rate. The battery capacity retention rate reaches 85% when placed in normal environment for one year. They are widely used in emergency lights, electronic instruments, medical equipment and mining industry. In addition to the low self-discharge characteristics, there are also nickel metal hydride batteries with wide temperature range, high rate discharge, fast charging and other characteristics for you to choose. We can also customize Ni-MH battery packs according to your needs and provide OEM and ODM services.

Our 18 production lines, 120 machines and a large number of skilled workers ensure fast delivery and top quality. Our QA/QC team uses a full set of testing equipment to ensure the high quality and safety of each battery. Our NiMH batteries are guaranteed to have capacity and refuse to be falsely labeled. If you have this requirement, you can contact us at any time. We will provide you with support and service instantly.

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