Did you know that according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, more than 350 million batteries are purchased annually in the U.S, and almost 2 billion dry-cell batteries are discarded – more than 8 dry cells per American!

So please choose NBCELL 0%Mercury and Cadmium Batteries.

Batteries can harm.

Batteries comprise chemicals such Cadmium Mercury, Lead and acid that can threaten the environment.
Specifically, if batteries are not properly discarded, they can:

  • Release harmful vapors when burned, polluting our beautiful lakes and streams
  • Cause poisonous leakage from solid waste landfills
  • Create lead and acid reservoirs in the environment
  • Contain corrosive acids that can harm the skin and eyes.
  • Dispose Carefully

you can take to help preserve our beautiful environment.

  • Don’t litter! Dispose batteries in proper containers.
    There are special storage points in most of countries, where you can leave used batteries for recycling.
    See list of storage points here: Battery Recycling
  • Do not dispose in fires. This can cause explosions and serious injuries.
  • See if a recycling center can recycle the batteries. Some centers pay for used batteries.
  • Turn off any battery-operated appliances when not in use
  • Rechargeable batteries containing cadmium or lead should be recycled.
  • Check with your local government recycling coordinator for the nearest recycling center.


 So please choose NBCELL 0%Mercury and Cadmium Batteries.