Important Safety Tips

Batteries are a part of our life. Following these simple steps will help you make the most use out of your battery products.


Use the “+” and “-” poles of the battery to set up use.


Do not mix different batteries together. For example, one should not mix alkaline with carbon batteries.


Do not place batteries next to metallic objects e.g keys, coins and so on.


When the batteries show the power is low, change all the batteries together.


During long periods when the batteries are not used, take them out.


Do not put dry battery in chargers.


Never throw the batteries on the fire.


Do not put batteries in places infants can reach. They may swallow or touch harmful chemicals. In such cases please see a doctor immediately.


Do not  open up the battery.


Do not  make the batteries short circuit.


Do not  subject the battery to high temperatures or high humidity.


Store in dry places and avoid direct.


Please Choose NBCELL batteries.